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Our Lavender

We wanted the same luxury experience when shopping for sex toys as we enjoyed when shopping for clothes at our favorite brands - classy, curated, elegant, discrete. But ... we couldn't find it anywhere. So... we decided to create it: for ourselves, and for you.

We are a friendly team, with varying amounts of experience in being open to sex. Some of us have lived in our pleasure for a long time, but others are still newly awakening and exploring what we like sexually. (We owe a debt of thanks to Miss Jaiya for opening us up!)

Our Lavender is sex positive, curated luxury toys and accessories. We stock only the highest quality products: nothing with Prop 65 warnings, because you shouldn't have to even think about whether something is healthy and safe for your body. We didn't like the low quality items in cheesy packaging you had to wade through at other sites. We go through and personally curate every item we sell.

Everything at Our Lavender is beautiful, enjoyable and healthy. We hope you enjoy!

If anything is not to your satisfaction, let us know - we'll make it right! 

Thank you.

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